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Dial v0.1

I have made Dial to solve the problems I had with serial port. Since I must open /dev/ttySx devices in non-blocking mode and do some ioctl() magic over it, I am no longer capable of simple echo "ATDP 12345" >/dev/ttyS0. I have missed this feature and so this app serves as a simple dialer and modem control program.

OnSearch v1.3

OnSearch is a CGI script (in Perl) for searching WWW pages. Unlike big search engines it searches locally and in real-time. It is not suitable for big sites but has the advantage that it supports Czech language well (together with Apache and mod_czech) and is highly customizable. It does not trust users, so it is suitable for ISP's too.

Note: There's currently user documentation in Czech language only.


WMSeti v0.1

WMSeti is my addition to ever growing family of Window Maker dock applications. It's name might suggest that it is for monitoring SETI@Home client only and in fact, that was the reason for development. However, WMSeti has promptly evolved into Yet Another Monitor Everything Application (tm). It's now capable of scanning files, displaying time (using timezone files) and more. The values can be presented in many forms and formats, both graphical and textual.

Note: There's another WMSeti application, announced on Freshmeat, independent of this one.

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