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Wax Text Logo (Script-Fu Script)
(Script-Fu script)

Last modified: 2000-06-26

Requires: plug-in-gauss-rle, plug-in-mblur, script-fu-wax-seal
Placement: <Toolbox>/Xtns/Script-Fu/Logos/Wax Text

Result Image

Wax Text Logo script is a simple wrapper for the Wax Seal script above. It renders user defined text with Wax Seal and adds background and shadow. Sample of its work is the logo of this page. I've tried to simplify user input, so I had to calculate (in fact: guess) some parameters. Doubtless, those will not work for all sizes or settings.


Dialog example

  • Text String: Text to be used for the logo.
  • Size: Size in pixels of the font used.
  • Font: Font used for the text
  • Wax Color: Color of the wax used for the letters.
  • BG Color: Background color for image
  • Create Highlight: If checked, highlight (or attempt of it) will be created.
  • Create Shadow: If checked, the shadow will be created.

Note: code from wax-text-logo.scm script has been moved into wax-seal.scm. The wax-text-logo.scm file is obsolete and will not be updated any longer. New version of script is compatible with GIMP 1.1.22.

Grab the source code for Gimp 1.0
Grab the source code for Gimp 1.1

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