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Wax Seal (Script-Fu Script)
(Script-Fu script)

Last modified: 2000-06-26

Requires: plug-in-gauss-rle, plug-in-plasma, plug-in-emboss
Placement: <Image>/Script-Fu/Stencil Ops/Wax Seal

Source ImageResult Image

I am a sword fighter, the member of Czech historical fencing group Zavis. I made this script after sending New Year Postcards, parchment-looking images made with GIMP.

The script takes an rgb or grayscale image, painted in black and white, and transforms it into something that looks like a wax seal (or plasticine). The script understands two parts of the source image - border and inner symbol. The symbol shouldn't be too close to the border or it will not be distinguished from the border. The symbol can be left out. The border may not be too close to the bounds of the image, else the script will not function properly.

The script embosses the source image, adds bump, and applies a pigment. If requested, a highlight (well, kinda :-)) is created. The border and the symbol can be embossed independently.

The resulting image can be further enhanced by carefully applying contrast and gamma curves.


Dialog example

  • Wax Color: Basic color of the wax to use. For the normal seal waxen it should be red witha bit of brown, but of course you may think otherwise :-)
  • Light Azimuth: Direction from which the light shines. The degrees are counted from the left, counter-clockwise.
  • Light Elevation: Elevation of the light source above the background. It might range from 0 to 90 degrees.
  • Light Depth: It determines the optical depth of the seal created during the process.
  • Border Thickness: Thickness of a border of the seal.
  • Border Threshold: It determines the rate of border "melting" and vanishing.
  • Make Inner Hollow: If checked, there will be no wax between the seal's border and the inner symbol. It is not common for seals, but might be useful for other effects.
  • Symbol Separate: If checked, the symbol will be treated separately from the seal borders. It is common, as it will give the symbol a sharp and crisp look, unlike the swollen and thick borders.
  • Symbol Thickness: Thickness of the inner symbol. It is usually less than the thickness of the borders.
  • Bump Border: If checked, the seal borders will be bumped a bit, giving it a more random and believable look.
  • Bump Granularity: Use bigger value for smaller bumps in the wax.
  • Bump Smoothness: Use bigger value for smoother bumps.
  • Bump Seed: Random seed for bumps. 0 means based on current time.
  • Highlight Size: Overall size of the highlight.
  • Highlight Start: Color inetensity index for which the highlight starts to occur. The end index is determined by the Highlight Size
  • Highlight Smoothness: How much is the highlight blurred.

Note: code from wax-text-logo.scm script has been moved into wax-seal.scm. The wax-text-logo.scm file is obsolete and will not be updated any longer. wax-seal.scm now provides both wax-seal and wax-text-logo scripts. New version of script is compatible with GIMP 1.1.22.

Grab the source code for Gimp 1.0
Grab the source code for Gimp 1.1

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