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Scanner Logo (Script-Fu Script)
(Script-Fu script)

Last modified: 1999-03-14

Requires: Gimp :)
Placement: <Toolbox>/Xtns/Script-Fu/Logos/Scanner
Original code: Copyright 1996 by Spencer Kimball

Result Image

Scanner Logo script is a shameless rip of Basic II Logo script by Spencer Kimball. The only fundamental change is placing highlight to right-down instead of left-up :-). It creates text which seems to be cut by cutting scanner from a sheet of plastic or thick paper. You can specify text and background color, text size and font and optional cut-color and text blending. The best results are achieved with background and cut colors being the same, especially white.

Note: Only font family and size can be specified. The rest are all "*"


Dialog example

  • Text String: Text which will be used in the logo.
  • Font Size: Size of font in pixels to be used for the text.
  • Font: Name of font which will be used for the text.
  • Text Color: Color of the letters. It might be subsequently overlaid with the gradient.
  • Use Gradient: If checked, gradient will be used over the basic letter color.
  • Gradient: Select the gradient for use on letters.
  • Cut Color: Color of the letter sides. The rationale is that the letters are cut with cutting scanner from the background matter, hence the name.
  • Background Color: Color of the background.

Note: The latest version of the script is compatible with GIMP 1.1.22.

Grab the source code for Gimp 1.0
Grab the source code for Gimp 1.1

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